What is PMS/PMT, (Pre Menstrual Syndrome or Tension

A mixture of problems both physical and emotional. Nearly two thirds of menstruating women suffer manageable problems, but 10% suffer to the point that the pms can take over their lives. Mood changes range from unusual aggressiveness to being out of control. Changes to emotions are obvious but also breasts tend to become larger and more tender, increased fluid retention, stomach distension and some period pain.

Causes of PMS/PMT

There seems to be no clear cut cause of pms. Suggested causes are allergies, hormone imbalances, nutritional imbalances, psychological factors, depression and genetic disposition towards pms.

Treatments for PMS/PMT

Heavy duty treatment includes hormone replacement, tranquilizers and diuretics. Supplements may help to readdress any nutritional imbalances. Evening primrose oil has become popular, but like any herbal treatment there are questions about unknown long term side affects. For some removing specific foods from the diet can work wonders. Foods known to cause problems include heavily salted foods, junk foods, fatty foods, tea, coffee, and excessive consumption of dairy products and refined carbohydrates.

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