Ovarian Problems


Is the inflammation of the fallopian tubes or oviducts caused by a bacterial infection. This may happen after a birth complication or septic abortion. Agonizing pain and pus which are aggravated by movement. Often there is vomiting and a high temperature. Antibiotics are the usual treatment.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Where fertilization and growth of the eggs happens outside the uterus. It occurs in one in 300 pregnancies. Previous tubal infections are the likely cause.

Pain at Ovulation

Spasm in the fallopian tubes and slight bleeding from the ovary at the time of ovulation. Usually it is not severe and does not require medical attention.

Ovarian cysts

These are painless swelling of the lower abdomen and can grow to be as large as 3 inches (10cm). This in turn can put pressure on the bladder and rectum, also making sexual intercourse uncomfortable and painful. Surgical removal is the preferred method of treatment.


This is where the fragments of the lining and menstrual flow go back up the fallopian tubes into the abdominal cavity. These fragments remain part of the cycle and during menstruation fill with blood and swell and exert pressure on the surrounding tissue. Eventually this area becomes a large mass of engorged cystic cells, full of blood, which leak and cause severe pain and increase abdominal sensitivity and tenderness. Surgery and extra hormones (progesterone) are the most common treatments.

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